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Machines and systems
for grafic industry

Automatic shrink wrapping machine for books and magazines

Quality shrink and wrapping depends on the presentation of the work to be
wrapped; to obtain a good result, the introduction of the packet must be
compact and square, the same applies if the manual introduction is not carried
out with the maximum precision. It has always been difficult to obtain good
results with saddle stitched products due to their rounded spine and light
weight paper.

Technical Advantages

Problems with dog-ears and skewing of the stack, caused by pushing against
the film, are solved by a sensor which prevents the stack touching the film.

Thermal welding bar with adjustable welding time and vertical up/down

SHRINK TUNNEL: Perforated teflon conveyor belt - Adjustable rollers to obtain
a compact packet at the mini tunnel delivery - Forced air circulation from the
side, top and bottom - Electronic temperature and ventilation adjustment -
Electronic conveyor speed adjustment - Mini tunnel with cooling fan after the
shrink tunnel.

Machine control by means of a PLC with display complete with fault/stoppage

Technical Features
Max. speed: 22-25 packets/min
Max. packet height: 250 mm
Max. film roll width: 500 mm
Net weight: 640 kgS