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Turner counter stacker for high speed trimmer

The BLUE STAR is a pile-turner stacker which, with a speed of over 150
cycles/minute, totally satisfies the needs of high speed three-knife
trimmers which can carry out over 150 cuts per minute

This stacker allows the maximum production level of the line without
requiring more than one operator at the delivery.

Technical Advantages

MINIMUM EJECTION TIME: 0,8 seconds. Low speed ejector (OMG
Patent) (0.5 mt/sec) incorporated in the turntable. (Ejects the pile at the
lowest possible speed without their overturning or decomposition during

Speed adjustment of the ejector in both directions. Adjustment of the
opening and closing times of the mid-level gate, the ejector starting time
and the rotation of the turntable. (Allows to turn the batches frequently).

Possibility of composing the stack with the last batch having a different
number of copies compared to the previous ones :
(i.e.: 10 = 2+2+2+2+2 or 6+4).

Pneumatic opening and closing of the hopper gates.
(Allows the gates to avoid resistance to the pile being delivered which
could damage if composed of delicate or low weight paper).

Technical Features
Max. speed: 150 cycles/min
Min. size: 100 x 140 mm
Max. size: 350 x 450 mm
Stack max. height: 300 mm
Product thickness: 1 mm > 70 mm