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Machines and systems
for grafic industry

Transport belts

Technical Advantages

Mesh-type curve with interchangeable joints. Allows the exact position at 90° of
the delivered products. No jam of the product cover is possible due to the
particular design of the mesh-type transport table.

Tower with centre drum in stainless steel and mesh-type transport belt with
interchangeable joints.

Transport belt in a single steel block frame.

Control monitor 13” wide - Software

Touch screen installation layout; each monitor speed can be adjusted to match
the binder ones.

Any conveyor belt can be activated/excluded.

System functions: the alarm and emergency are controlled by the software.

A “STOP – time setting feature” can be determined, if emergency is not restored
within the set time then the binder will slow down to the minimum speed (if the
binder allows this).

PLC programme

Stand-by mode in case of book flow interruption

Programmable gap between books as well as shingle width.

Wide job data base.