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Compensating counter/stacker for saddle stitchers

An automated delivery is an indispensable piece of equipment for the saddle
stitching line, both to reduce the production costs and to increase the
production speed. The CUCCIOLO is a stacker which totally satisfies the
requirements of any type of workable product up to 15.000 copies/hour.

Technical Advantages

Low speed ejector (0.5 mt / sec) incorporated in the turntable. Ejects the pile
at the lowest possible speed without their overturning and decomposition
during delivery.

Side jogger on three sides of the booklets.

Ejector speed adjustment for both directions.

Adjustment of the opening and closing times of the mid-level gate, the ejector
starting time and the rotation of the turntable. (Allows to turn the batches

Possibility of composing the stack with the last batch having a different
number of copies compared to the previous ones:
(i.e.: 45 = 10+10+10+15 or 10+10+10+10+5) (i.e.: 25 = 10+10+5 or 13+12).

Technical Features
Max. speed: 15.000 copies/h
Max. size: 320 x 470 mm
Min. size: 100 x 140 mm
Net weight: 450 Kgs
Max packet height: 210 mm
Product thickness: 0,1 mm > 15 mm