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Machines and systems
for grafic industry

Un-piling machine

The DEPILEUR receives batches of books from the three-knife trimmer reaching a speed of 110
cycles/minute and delivers them one at a time to the stacker.

Technical Advantages

Distribution of the books by means of guided hooks to avoid their bending and guarantee the

transport of the books without any deformity caused by the bending of said hooks.

Height adjustment of the guided hooks to adapt them to the launch of the books in distribution.

Book introduction device with adjustable inclination for the infeed of the books to the stacker.

Technical Specifications
Max. speed. 300 cycles/min
Min. size:. 100 x 140 mm
Max. size. 320 x 450 mm
Height of the pile in distribution: 210 mm
Product thickness: from 5 mm to 50 mm
Length: 2.615 mm
Width: 790 mm
Net weight: 250 KGS