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Machines and systems
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Stacker delivery with pressing unit for folders

The ECONOMIC is a universal automatic stacker which can be positioned
behind any folding machine without any mechanical adaptation

STACKING UNIT: reduces the limits to pick-up the sections at the delivery of
the folding machines, resulting in an increase of the productivity of up to 15%
without increasing the fatigue of the operator. The start-up is very quick and is carried out in approx. 3 minutes

PRESSING UNIT: incorporated in the stacking unit and equipped with n° 2 big
and n° 2 small pressing rollers which allow the sections to be perfectly pressed.

Technical Advantages

Low friction belts carry the sections. It’s possible to carry also sections with low
weight (38 gr/mq) and slippery paper (painted or plasticized) without
DAMAGING them and obtaining the same results as with normal pape.

N° 2 AC motors control the stacking and pressing unit with electronic speed adjustment by means of an INVERTER.

Electronic preselector and total counter.

Technical Specifications
Max speed: 30.000 copie/h
Min size: 100 mm x 110 mm
Max size: 330 mm x 700 mm
Net weight: 360 Kg