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Machines and systems
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Block book feeder

The METTILIBRO is a feeder for sewn or glued books to be fed either vertically
or horizontally. If the books are fed manually into the hopper, the METTILIBRO
will automatically distribute or feed them to the subsequent lines.

Upon request we can supply the AUTOMATIC FEEDING BELT, length 2,0 mt.
controlled by the PLC, for the automatic and synchronised feed of book piles
to the hopper of the METTILIBRO. When running heavy books the operator is
forced to load a few books at a time, viceversa it would be difficult to extract
them from under the pile due to their heavy weight. Using the automatic feeder
this problem no longer exists as the feeder can load also small batches of
books in a synchronised mode, avoiding the “weight effect” and allowing the
operator to work at the maximum speed with the minimum workforce.

With the automatic feeder it’s necessary to load batches of books onto the
conveyor belt placed at a height of approx. 1,35 mt. from the floor, therefore
it’s necessary that the operator uses a pallet for this job.
Such inconvenience may cause excess fatigue of the operator and
consequently a loss in production. As an alternative we can offer, upon
request, the AUTOMATIC AND SYNCHRONISED LIFT for book piles
deposited onto the feeding belt which, placed at a height of 0,9 mt., will raise
them to the introduction height of the METTILIBRO at 1,35 mt

Technical advantages

Distribution electronically synchronised with the receiving unit.
Feeding plate with suction system and incorporated pump
Distristribution plate, with alternate mechanical movement, on which is
installed a mechanical pusher
Delivery with adjustable inclination for the vertical infeed of books into the
subsequent machines

Technical features
Max. speed: 8.000 copies/h
Min. size: 100 x 140 mm
Max. size: 360 x 540 mm
Feeding stack height: 280 mm
Copy thickness: from 3 to 80mm
Net weight: 320 Kg