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Stacker delivery for folders

The MULTIPLO is a stacker delivery which automatically forms stacks of
sections by means of an electronic preselector working directly on the shingle
separation device. This stacker delivery allows to exploit completely the
production speed of the folding machines up to 40.000 copies hour.

The MULTIPLO automatically forms 1, 2 or more batches of preselected,
counted and stacked signatures, allowing the maximum production speed
without increasing the fatigue of the operator who is reduced to the minimum.
The start-up is very quick and is carried out in approx. 3 minutes.

Technical Advantages
Pressing unit incorporated in the stacking unit and equipped with n° 4 big
pressing rollers with adjustable pressure on n° 4 independent points.
Low friction belts moving the sections.
Allows the transport of sections even with low weight paper (38 gr/mq) and
slippery (painted or plasticized) without DAMAGING them and obtaining the
same results as with normal paper.
Electronic speed adjustment by means of an INVERTER for the stacker and
pressing unit with n° 2 AC motorsDelivery air table (collecting table) with blowing
areas and independent adjustment.
Blowing pump for delivery air tableCompressor incorporated in the machine

Technical Features
Max. speed: over 40.000 copies/h
Min. size: 90 x 90 mm
540 Max. size: 300 x 540 mm
850 Max. size: 300 x 850 mm
Collecting table capacity for the signatures: 1.000 mm
540 & 850 = Length: 2.030 mm
540 = Width: 810 mm
540 = Net weight: 450 Kgs
850 = Width: 1.120 mm
850 = Net weight: 620 Kg