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Palletiser for packets of books and magazines

The PORTAPAK has been specifically designed to carry out all palletising jobs
of the print finisher for bundles of books, magazines, etc.

Palletising area: it’s possible to deposit on the perimeter of the pallet, outside
the perimeter of the pallet at 40mm per side, no limit to deposit in the inner
part of the pallet. Any packet size can be palletised using the PC combined
with a PLC allowing to create up to nr. 10 “gaps” within the depositing row.

Automatic and synchronised infeed of the packets using the pileturner which
rotates the packets at 90° towards the left, 90° towards the right or 180° according to the deposit programme.

Automatic interleaf feed: this is standard, picks up and deposits the interleaf
sheet upon requirement of the operator.

Technical specifications
Max. speed: 20-22 packets /min
Min.-Max. packet height: 20 mm - 300 mm
Min. packet size: 100 x 140 mm
Max. packet size: 500 x 500 mm
Max. pallet height (including the pallet): 1.550 mm
Other max. pallet heights: upon request
Min. pallet size: 700 x 900 mm
Max. pallet size: 1.000 x 1.200 mm
Other pallet sizes: upon request
Net weight: 2.600 kgs