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Machines and systems
for grafic industry

Compensating counter/stacker for web offset

A mechanical system avoids build-up and allows the shingle to be
interrupted at any speed, always creating a gap of approx. 200 mm in
between the shingle (OMG Patent).

Due to this system, the speed is no longer influenced by the size, type of
paper and number of pages.

Technical Advantages

Low speed ejector (0.35 mt/sec) incorporated in the turntable (OMG
Patent). Allows to eject the pile at the lowest possible speed and avoids
that the pile overturns or is mixed up during delivery.
Three side jogger of the booklets
Adjustment for opening and closing time of mid-level gate, starting time of
the ejector and of the rotation of the turntable. (Allows to turn the batches
Pressing roller device
Safety exit for damaged products
Nr. 3 mid-level gates before falling onto the turntable
Jogger of the shingle
Turntable with automatic height
Pile compression

Technical Features
Max. speed: 130.000 copies/h
Sizes: min. 105x140 mm – max. 330x510 mm
Net weight: 580 Kgs
Max. packet height: 300 mm
Products accepted: ALL TYPES