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Machines and systems
for grafic industry

Palletiser for packets of loose book magazines and signatures

Technical advantages

PARCEL DEPOSIT HEAD (OMG Patent) on which are installed both the pallet pick-up
and deposit device and the interleaf pick-up and deposit device.

packets up to 180° (+90° / -90°) according to the programme elaborated by the “PC”.
Possibility of manual correction to invert the spine positions.

AUTOMATIC INTERLEAF FEEDER (OMG Patent) picks up and automatically feeds
the interleaf operated by the PC and PLC (this sheet does not necessarily have to be
of special cardboard as normally used with palletisers, but discarded printed sheets
may be used – max. 130 gr/Sq.mt).
This device allows the following deposit of the interleaf upon discretion of the operator:
Deposit of the interleaf 𠇍irectly onto the empty pallet”.
Deposit of the interleaf on top of each layer, “including the last one”.

Software advantages

COLOUR MONITOR on the installed “PC” indicating all the information necessary to
the operator

Programme memory with “personalised job title” up to a maximum of no. 2100

Fault check.

24 months memory of each fault specification

Digital photographs of the interested parts highlighting the fault.

Automatic self-adjustment of the layer deposit height.

Dispatch list programme for a fixed number of packets up to max. 200 destinations.

GUIDED INSTRUCTIONS: the software has a detailed guide explanation to set a
requested job, programme or part of it; the operator is always self sufficient should
he forget any procedure.