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Machines and systems
for grafic industry

CAutomatic hopper-loader for perfect binding and saddle stitchers

Technical advantages of the "SIN CRONOS" hopper loader

Automatic section feeder for perfect binding and stitching- overlapping lines
capable of feeding any type of signature strapped into a log or unstrapped.

Can feed either front or rear respect the feeder.

Intermediate floor for the section transfer, between the transfer of the log
and the upward run (Patented) which further reduces the pressure of the log
on the sections to be shingled by over 50%.

Standard infeed table which can be lifted up.

Technical advantages of the "OLIMPIC" pre-loader

Preloader of signature logs paired to the Sin Cronos.
Log conveyed by means of two rows of chains governed by
the motor of the independent AC motor with INVERTER, on
which are assembled idle/fixed rollers with alternated
hooks, to enable to carry even an unstrapped log

Technical features
Max speed: 25.000 copies/hour
Min size: 150 x 120mm
Max size: 480 x 320mm
Sin Cronos 600/1100
Length X Width: 2.500 x 570 mm
Sin Cronos 600/1100
Length of the signature hopper: 600/1.100 mm

Length X Width : 1.500/2.000/3.000 x 570 mm
Length of the signature hopper:
1.500 /2.000/3.000mm

Net weight of the SIN CRONOS: 400 Kgs
Net weight of the OLIMPIC: 280 Kgs