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Stacker delivery with pressing unit for folders

The VALLETTO is a universal stacker which can be positioned behind all folding machines
without any mechanical adaptation.
STACKING UNIT: eliminates the limits in picking up the signatures at the delivery of the
folding machines thus allowing an increase in the productivity of up to 50% without
increasing the fatigue of the operator.
The start-up is easy and fast and is carried out in approx. 3 minutes.

PRESSING UNIT: incorporated in the stacking unit and equipped with n° 4 big pressing rollers with adjustable pressure on n° 4 independent points, allows the signatures to be perfectly pressed and prevents the formation of any wrinkles inside them.

Technical advantages
Very low friction belts moving the sections. Allows to transport even sections with low weight paper (38 gr/mq) and those more slippery (painted or plasticized) without DAMAGING them and obtaining the same result as with normal paper.

Section stopper device with automatic return to position after each unloading operation, allowing a production increase of 7% of the folding machine due to a reduction of the loading time.

Electronic speed adjustment to stacker and pressing unit through n° 2 AC motors by means of an INVERTER.

Technical features
Max speed: over 25.000/h
Min size: 100 mm x 140 mm
Mod. 540 max size: 300 mm x 540 mm
Mod. 850 max size: 300 mm x 850 mm
Mod. 540 Delivery table capacity: 600 mm
Mod. 850 Delivery table capacity: 600 mm x 2
Mod. 540 Net weight: 450 Kg
Mod. 850 Net weight: 620 Kg